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Cubus Games is a team of app developers and gamebook enthusiasts based in Barcelona (artists, writers, musicians and developers) dedicated to delivering original interactive stories and digital gamebook apps. Its intelligent and in-depth choose-your-own-adventures all include original soundtracks, high-quality illustrations, and addictive challenges across a host of popular genres such as sci-fi, fantasy, horror and steampunk. Cubus Games: Play a book, and read a game. 

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Necklace of Skulls

The Mayan Fantasy Adventure Gamebook

english / catalan

Will you find the answers you seek...
or will you only find death
on the road ahead? 

The sole survivor of an expedition brings news of disaster. Your twin brother is lost in the trackless western sierra. Resolving to find out his fate, you leave the safety of your home far behind. Your quest takes you to lost jungle cities, across mountains and seas, and even into the depths of the underworld.

In this interactive story, you will plunge into the strange, dreamlike world of Mayan myth. You will confront ghosts and gods, bargain for your life against wily demons, find allies and enemies among both the living and the dead. If you are brave enough to survive the dangers of the spirit-haunted western desert, you must still confront the wizard called Necklace of Skulls in a deadly contest whose stakes are nothing less than your own soul.




Dave Morris

A British author of gamebooks, novels and comics and a designer of computer games and role-playing games.

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Xavier Mula

Illustrator and graphic designer from Barcelona. He combines old and modern techniques to develop his personal style.

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"All in all, Necklace of Skulls offers an immersive story, several characters, plenty of choices, beautiful artwork and everything one could ask for in a gamebook, including a battle system" - App Apes


"This is an overall excellent conversion on Cubus's part, enhancing the existing strengths of the work without taking away a thing from it" - Touch Arcade


"It's definitely an enjoyable and intriguing read" - Pocket Gamer



"Set within ancient Mayan history, there are spooky goings on aplenty, gods and ghosts to confront, plus some very supernatural occurrences." - 148 Apps

"Finally a choose your own adventure series made well as an app! Smooth plot, well developed characters, and well paced customization" - iPhone Informer

"If your one for a good read and a decent story line then Necklace of Skulls is definitely worth a download." - Android guys