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Cubus Games is a team of app developers and gamebook enthusiasts based in Barcelona (artists, writers, musicians and developers) dedicated to delivering original interactive stories and digital gamebook apps. Its intelligent and in-depth choose-your-own-adventures all include original soundtracks, high-quality illustrations, and addictive challenges across a host of popular genres such as sci-fi, fantasy, horror and steampunk. Cubus Games: Play a book, and read a game. 

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Deadman Diaries

Usando el formato de diario personal, una novedad en el mundo de los ‘gamebooks’, el lector se descubrirá inmerso en la vida de John Riggs, un trabajador de banco que debe pagar una deuda de juego que lo llevará a varias situaciones ilegales y frecuentemente letales. 

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Deadman Diaries is an introduction to gamebooks (popularly known as Choose-your-own-adventure), so the game has been designed to be quick and easy to read. Likewise, its authors say “this story presents a contemporary ‘black’ and neo-noir thriller drawing from referents like the cinema of Scorsese and the Cohen Brothers, and TV series such as The Sopranos, without ignoring the influence of the most classical cinema ‘noir’ and the thrillers of James M.Cain and Patricia Highsmith”.

Using the form of a personal diary, readers are immersed in the life of John Riggs, a bank worker who has to pay off a gambling debt that will lead him to different illegal, and often lethal, situations.

Readers can choose between trying to save the character or sending him to the largest imaginable number of deaths.





Live music promoter,  film curator, music journalist and professional hitma... oops... nope...  writer of weird stories!!


Works making videos, drawings and, if asked, writing things. He can write his bio in 3rd person to make it look like is written by another person.

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