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Cubus Games is a team of app developers and gamebook enthusiasts based in Barcelona (artists, writers, musicians and developers) dedicated to delivering original interactive stories and digital gamebook apps. Its intelligent and in-depth choose-your-own-adventures all include original soundtracks, high-quality illustrations, and addictive challenges across a host of popular genres such as sci-fi, fantasy, horror and steampunk. Cubus Games: Play a book, and read a game. 

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Latest news

HackatH2On Winners!!!

Cubus Games

To celebrate the World Water Day, more than 20 teams participated in the first HackatH2On that took place in the Museu Agbar last weekend. The main goal of this particular hackathon was to create an original app to approach the water culture to people.

And the winner is... Cubus Games! Yay!

And the winner is... Cubus Games! Yay!

The Museu Agbar de les Aigües is a contemporary museum devoted to water, intended to promote knowledge and values through a living, learning and leisure experience.

Water everywhere...

Water everywhere...

So, our team thought it was an excellent event to test our creativity, and work in a whole new project for 24 hours starting Saturday 11:00am to Sunday 11:00am. We felt very welcomed by the people of the Agbar museum, organizers and participants. A big THANKS to all of them!

We developed all the storytelling, illustrations, writing, characters, game mechanics, design, layout, original soundtrack... and put it together in an immersive experience called "Agbar, the Temple of Water".

The final presentation just in 3 minutes!

The final presentation just in 3 minutes!

A very big family!

A very big family!

World Book Day

Cubus Games

Although Cubus Games is relatively new to the world of gamebooks, in Heavy Metal Thunder this team really hit their stride.
— Gamezebo


This is how Gamezebo presents our second adventure in its article about The Best 5 Gamebooks to celebrate the World Book Day -not just with Fifty Shades of Grey...

Here you have the part of the article that explains why you should give it a chance:

This is an adaptation of a comedy sci-fi epic by writer Kyle B. Stiff, which plunges you into an intergalactic battle in deep space, and offers some superbly moralistic choices as you decide between helping out those inadvertently caught up in the war, or focusing on your mission and ignoring the plight of those who get in the way.

Heavy Metal Thunder is the first part in a series of celebrated gamebooks that look truly stunning on the touchscreen thanks to some spectacular artwork (by Marc Gonzalez) and a full soundtrack that adds a superb depth of atmosphere.

It's a huge honor for us to appear amongst the biggest ones: TinMan Games (An Assassin in Orlandes), Inkle (80 days and Sorcery! 2), Joe Dever's Lone Wolf, and even Ian Livingstone's Deathtrap Dungeon.

Read the full article here.

BetaBeers: fear, beards, beer and game development

Cubus Games

Last February 9th Cubus Games was invited to Betabeers Barcelona "Games Edition" in the Mobile World Centre. Betabeers is a community of developers who organize monthly meetings to discuss about technology and Startups.  This interesting event was arranged with the collaboration of ZehnGames.

We presented our first gamebook app: The Sinister Fairground, since the meeting was about fear in videogames. It was a scary evening! (hey, and free beer).

It seems to be interesting...

It seems to be interesting...

Keep calm, free beers at the end!

Keep calm, free beers at the end!

There were lots of beards too...

There were lots of beards too...

SOL INVICTUS - Ignite the flames of war...

Cubus Games

SOL INVICTUS hit the stores some weeks ago. We are very happy because of the great feedback and want to keep sharing this amazing adventure with you! Here you have some media buzz we've been gathering since January 8th:


A big THANKS to all the people involved with this project (Kyle B.Stiff, Marc González, press contacts, editors, media reviewers, etc.)

Welcome all to Black Lance Legions!



A talk with Dave Morris - by Jaume Carballo

Cubus Games

If you're looking for a more "standard" interview, the people from "Il Mondo dei LibroGames" made a great one in 2008 where they ask to Dave almost anything they could.

 I don't want Dave to spend time making again what he did yet (and when he and the people of "IMDLG" did so well). So I think that "just a relaxed talk" with Dave Morris can be more interesting. So here we go, me, the "supposed creative guy" here in Cubus Games and the actually CREATIVE man there at home, surely relaxing with a glass of good wine or champagne.


Note: part of the talk has been censored by the Cubus Games team after Jaume lost three consecutive rounds at table tennis in our headquarters (against his will, of course). 


Hi Dave, hope you’re well.

Hi Jaume. I don’t have any champagne, but I’ve got a nice cup of tea here. Earl Grey, hot, as a matter of fact.

Let me go straight to the point from the very beginning: what your wife thinks about your author career? I mean, she writes “normal novels”, essays about the writing work, she is a ghost writer… while you… well, your name is referred to RPG games, gamebooks, comics, videogames, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… You both are authors but very different authors. How is the coexistence at home? Have you ever felt like she was looking down on you? There are racy discussions about writing or literature themes at home?

Oh, we talk about writing all the time. Everything we read or watch we’ll pick apart – “That was really effective,” “They could have made that scene better by doing such-&-such”, etc.

What we do is a craft, so it’s not like the literary fiction writer gets to look down at the comics and games writer. I suppose it would be the same if we were both carpenters. One of us might make bookcases while the other made children’s toys, but it’s the techniques you use that matter.

(Also, I do have a Kirkus star, so at least one thing I wrote – Frankenstein – must count as “proper” literary.)

No doubt you really deserve it. Here's the link to Frankenstein

 Who has learnt more from the other? Did your wife teach you something important for your career? Did you teach her?

I’ve been doing it longer, so I taught her to begin with. But writing is one of those crafts where you are always learning. The jujutsu 3rd Dan sees a toddler take a tumble and get up unscathed and he thinks, “I need to learn to fall like that.” So I teach Roz, she teaches me, and we both learn from everything we see and do.

Can you imagine how much envy you unleash? I mean, you’ve made money writing RPGs, videogames, gamebooks, writing about fantasy, game systems… Probably you are the dream made flesh for every geek on this planet! You are 57 years old and keep playing RPGs and board games with your friends. That’s something that just a few from the elite can say… We could say that you made a career with your hobby, and this is the dream of so many. But have you ever felt like, you know, "now this is not just a funny hobby but a job, and it’s not so funny since it's a job..." Have you ever felt affected due to the "job factor", the "this is now something serious factor"?

It’s true that a lot of people who make their hobby into a career end up hating both. I’m definitely lucky there. I guess I’ve managed that by keeping creative control – not on all the things I’ve worked on, but most. I don’t work well if I try to jump through someone else’s hoops. By choosing to work mostly on things I love, I’ve continued to love the work.

Imagine you can drive a DeLorean back to your teenager years. Would you do the same? What would you like to say to the 70s Dave Morris? Maybe “forget RPGs dude! You should study economics and become a broker!”

I could have a thousand lives and never want to become a broker! I have friends from my college days who took that route and – okay, if it worked out for them, fine, good luck to them – but for me it would be like signing away my soul.

What I probably would say to my younger self would be, “Write comics much sooner, you’re going to really love doing that,” and, “Get into videogame design a bit later.” The reason for that is when I started in games in the mid-90s, nobody knew what the designer was for. Games were being developed with no spec, no change control. So I’d spend most of each day fighting for the role in the team rather than actually doing the creative stuff.

That had an upside, though. By forcing me out of my comfort zone into management and development methodology I got to understand the end-to-end process – which you have to if you’re going to fill that creative director role. But it was a slog in those days, and at Eidos we were based at corporate HQ and there was a quagmire of politics to contend with. When I got to Elixir Studios in the early 2000s, that was like, “Oh boy, where has this been all my life?” The process there was so fully evolved, thanks to Demis Hassabis and his co-founders, that you could just get on with the job we were all there to do: making great games.

Actually that’s my one big regret. I wouldn’t take the DeLorean back to the ‘70s, I’d go back just a few years to when Demis was setting up a new company after Elixir had folded. He asked me to join but I was tied up with Fabled Lands. On reflection, I allowed a sense of duty to over-ride my heart – and that’s always a mistake. Trust your intuition.

You have a degree in physics and you were (and are, I suppose) interested in subatomic physics. Do you think that the day when subatomic physics will be applied to physics will arrive? You know: someone that’s able to be in two places at the same time and all this crazy stuff that is mentioned in that questionable documentary where a guy is able to emotionally affect to water and so on… something about a rabbit’s hole or so (I thought there were too many charlatans there…)

Hmm. I’ve met bottles of beer I’ve been pretty fond of,  but talking to water, that’s plain daft.

I’m pretty wary about any attempt to map quantum effects, which occur on the smallest scale imaginable, into everyday life. To put it into perspective, we live our lives on Earth about midway between the quantum scale and the size of the observable universe. Quantum processes do have an aggregate effect, sure, but we call that aggregate classical Newtonian physics!

 However, Jim Al-Khalili has just written a book, Quantum Life, and I’m going to read that because he’s not one of these hand-waving “quantum magic” tricksters. He’s a bona fide theoretical physicist, highly respected in this field, and so if he’s arguing that quantum effects are significant enough in the macroscopic world to be exploited by evolution, I’ll listen. He’s still going to have to come up with some impressive evidence to convince me, though. Nobody gets a free pass from me just because of who they are.

You’re not just an avid writer but an avid reader too. Which is the last book you found remarkable?

That would be Titus Groan. I began reading the Gormenghast books when I was 20, but gave up after a few chapters because I found it hard going. What a shame that was! If I had read them back then, it would have changed everything I wrote. Maybe I’ll mention that when I take the DeLorean trip.

I was also profoundly affected recently by Arthur Koestler’s Darkness at Noon. That touches on something I’d like to tackle in an interactive story – the way that a dogma can subvert logic until the few sane men who oppose it almost feel like they’re the ones who are mad. Koestler nearly died before he got the chance to write that book, by the way. He was under sentence of death in Spain, having been declared a Communist spy by the Nationalists, but was freed in a prisoner exchange. He made his critical Luck roll.

More to come in PART II...

Necklace of Skulls out November 13th!

Jordi Solà

Embark on a dangerous and exhilarating quest into the far reaches of the ancient Mayan civilization. Create your own myth!

In this interactive novel known as a "gamebook", you will plunge into the strange, dreamlike wonders of Mayan myth. You will confront ghosts and gods, bargain for your life against wily demons and find allies and enemies among both the living and the dead. Even if you're brave enough to survive the dangers of the spirit-haunted western desert, you must still confront the wizard, "Necklace of Skulls", in a fight to the death for your very own soul.

This epic digital recreation of Dave Morris’s seminal choose-your-own-adventure gamebook contains exciting new features, gameplay, artwork and music.



   * Play as a warrior, huntress, wayfarer or sorceress.
   * Multiple save slots: Play with different characters in up to three stories at once.
   * Innovative combat system never before seen in a digital gamebook.
   * Animated illustrations depicting scenes from the story.
   * Rich, branching narrative that offers huge replay value.
   * No dice: All the action is based on your skills and decisions.
   * Full soundtrack and sound effects deliver a vibrant atmosphere.



A perilous expedition meets with disaster. The sole survivor returns with dreadful news: your twin brother is dead. You swear vengeance upon his killer, the terrifying demon-wizard known only as Necklace of Skulls - a quest that will take you to the edge of the known world and beyond.

Drawing heavily upon authentic Mayan history coupled with an engaging fantasy adventure narrative, this gamebook changes the definition of interactive fiction forever.

Originally part of renowned author and game designer Dave Morris’s celebrated Virtual Reality series of choose-your-own-adventure gamebooks, Necklace of Skulls dispenses with dice rolling and luck, and instead puts your survival skills to the test in a lush and vibrant life-changing experience.

Necklace of Skulls has been recreated for touchscreen devices with all-new features including beautiful animated artwork from international award-winning graphic designer and illustrator Xavier Mula, save game options, an exclusive soundtrack and multiple characters to choose from.

Take a journey that you’ll never forget in Necklace of Skulls.

Meet the heroes

Cubus Games

In Necklace of Skulls you can choose over four characters to embark on this Mayan adventure. Each character has their own skills and special features that are based on the character's unique background. The choice is yours.


A proud noble of the Maya people, you tolerate no insolence from any man.


ETIQUETTE: Understanding of the courtly manners which are essential to proper conduct in the upper echelons of the nobility.

FOLKLORE: Knowledge of myth and legend: how to read omens and how to deal with supernatural menaces.



You can keep pace with the deer of the woods, wrestle jaguars, and your blowgun can bring down a bird in flight. Your sharp instincts make you almost a creature of the wild yourself. By choosing the huntress you will start this adventure with an extra item, the blowgun.


AGILITY: The ability to perform acrobatic feats, run, climb, balance and leap.

TARGETING: A long-range attack skill for hunting. You must possess a blowgun to use this skill.

WILDERNESS LORE: A talent for survival in the wild – whether it be forest, desert, swamp or mountain peak.



You have travelled widely and witnessed countless strange sights. Your wanderings have taught you many useful skills. By choosing the wayfarer you will have two extra slots in your inventory.


CUNNING: The ability to think on your feet and devise clever schemes for getting out of trouble

ROGUERY: The traditional repertoire of a thief’s tricks: picking pockets, opening locks, and skulking unseen in the shadows

SEAFARING: Knowing all about life at sea, including the ability to handle anything from a rowboat right up to a large sailing ship



You were schooled in sorcery by priests and wise men. Now you can twist reality itself to suit your wishes. By choosing the sorceress you will be able to predict enemy's second movement in the combat round.


CHARMS: The expert use of magical protections and wards to protect you from danger. Also includes that most elusive of qualities: luck.

SPELLS: A range of magical effects encompassing illusions, elemental effects, commands, and summonings.


Heavy Metal Thunder... on Android!

Jordi Solà

Hi Android users!

Heavy Metal Thunder choose-your-own-adventure gamebook on iOS has garnered a huge cult following.

Now it’s set to reach new levels of immersive storytelling as premier smartphone developer Cubus Games launches the official Heavy Metal Thunder game on Android!

We worked hard to bring its legendary story to life when adapting it to the touchscreen platforms, and we’re incredibly proud of the result.

You can download it now!