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Cubus Games is a team of app developers and gamebook enthusiasts based in Barcelona (artists, writers, musicians and developers) dedicated to delivering original interactive stories and digital gamebook apps. Its intelligent and in-depth choose-your-own-adventures all include original soundtracks, high-quality illustrations, and addictive challenges across a host of popular genres such as sci-fi, fantasy, horror and steampunk. Cubus Games: Play a book, and read a game. 

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"Heavy Metal Thunder" 1st Anniversary

Cubus Games


This month we’re celebrating the 1st anniversary of our sci-fi gamebook Heavy Metal Thunder, and wanted to share our happiness with you! 

We'll be running a contest for the HMT gamebook fans this September. Vote which is your favorite epic moment amongst the selection done by the author himself. The winner will get a colorful art print by the great digital artist Marc Gonzalez at home:

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Heavy Metal Thunder is our second gamebook app, following on from The Sinister Fairground (May 2014), and preceeding Necklace of Skulls (Nov 2014) and the upcoming The Frankenstein Wars. It began life as a traditional print-and-paper book written by celebrated US sci-fi and fantasy writer Kyle B. Stiff. Our digital adaptation contains a wealth of new artwork, gameplay mechanics, music, sound effects and more. It got geat reviews and quotes such as:

A pulp fiction infused from start to finish.
— Gamezebo
A big sweeping pulp sci-fi story of impossible odds and encroaching insanity.
— Pocket Tactics
Heavy Metal Thunder can kill you off a few minutes in. It’s an intriguing adventure gamebook.
— 148 Apps
A robust storyline for a great RPG experience.
— Android Headlines
The one on the App Store with the hardest edge to its narrative.
— Touch Arcade
There’s a bleakness here that you rarely find in a Fighting Fantasy adaptation.
— Pocket Gamer
SOL INVICTUS: Ignite the flames of war and take back your homeworld

SOL INVICTUS: Ignite the flames of war and take back your homeworld

The epic series continued with HMT 2: Sol Invictus (Jan 2015) and are not finished: the third installment is in the works and goes by the working title "Slaughter at Masada".

So, choose your favorite epic moment and use the #HMT_1stYear hashtag to share it with us!