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Cubus Games is a team of app developers and gamebook enthusiasts based in Barcelona (artists, writers, musicians and developers) dedicated to delivering original interactive stories and digital gamebook apps. Its intelligent and in-depth choose-your-own-adventures all include original soundtracks, high-quality illustrations, and addictive challenges across a host of popular genres such as sci-fi, fantasy, horror and steampunk. Cubus Games: Play a book, and read a game. 

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The Game Mechanics - Story

Jordi Solà

The story

Talking about the story as a game mechanic doesn’t sound orthodox, surely. But think about it and you’ll find pretty interesting similarities between the progress of a videogame and the progress of a story, even in a videogame a hard obstacle is called “final stage boss” while in a story is called “turning point” they both suppose a gap that puts the character’s goal in risk.

In fact, writers and game designers are in very near positions. They both are always thinking about how keeping audience’s attention, about cliffhangers, about which elements will make the audience to be immersed and engaged to the game/story...

Ok, let’s move forward. We don’t want to spoiler The Frankenstein Wars plot, so we’re just talking here about some main issues:

- The French radicals, the Zeroistes, who supported Napoleon’s revolution before his defeat, have discovered Frankenstein’s technology. Their plan is to use it to build an army where casualties are a problem no more. Not just that, because they want to bring Napoleon himself back to life. But just one man can create the serum needed to revive the dead: Tom Clerval, who doesn’t believe in their cause.

- The main characters, the brothers Anton and Tom Clerval, begin the story in confronted positions. Tom’s will is against the Zeroiste’s while Anton is a young cavalry officer from this revolutionary movement. But their disagreements are more personal, deeper. Anton always envied his brother, because of his beautiful wife, because his relationship with their father... They will have the destiny of millions in their hands.

- Another important character in The Frankenstein Wars is Mr Legion, but we can’t say nothing about him right now (if you’re brave enough to pledge for a high tier, maybe we can talk.)

We will post more updates with information about the game mechanics and the team! Stay tuned ;)