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Cubus Games is a team of app developers and gamebook enthusiasts based in Barcelona (artists, writers, musicians and developers) dedicated to delivering original interactive stories and digital gamebook apps. Its intelligent and in-depth choose-your-own-adventures all include original soundtracks, high-quality illustrations, and addictive challenges across a host of popular genres such as sci-fi, fantasy, horror and steampunk. Cubus Games: Play a book, and read a game. 

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Latest news

The Frankenstein Wars - New content update!

Cubus Games

Hey Franken-fans!

Looks like The Frankenstein Wars is making some progress!

We've got some cool stuff to share with you this update: 

The Story

As you know, we had to invest some extra time and energy making structural improvements but also changes of emphasis of the tone of the story (switching round the first and third person perspectives within the story, inclusion of more information on the relationships between various characters, etc). We think that all the effort will result in a product that it was worth waiting a few extra months for and we hope that you feel the same. 


"The world around me is all soft lines and warm colours, free of blemishes or dirt. And though I rub at my eyes, try to refocus, the world about me does not shift. This wondrous imprecision is the true state of affairs, then. Though I have never embraced a faith in the Lord, a heaven of some sort is a harder notion to dismiss. Is this a glimpse of an afterlife? If so, then I am surely dying. 

This seems likely. I hold a hand in front of my face, examine my prostrate form. The world may be warmth and beauty, but I am a bloody, crumpled mess. My uniform is ripped, muddy, stained with blood that is my own, and blood that isn't. My skull screams with pain. This, at least, may be a sign I still live – surely the dead feel neither pain nor misery."


The Artwork

Already done:
11 colorful illustrations
10 b/w sketches
5 colorful sketches

Let's see some work in progress from Rafater (we prefer not to spoil):

In the boat.

In the boat.

Someone gets reanimated

Someone gets reanimated

Some characters

Some characters

Glups... a soldier with his sword at the throat of a prisoner!

Glups... a soldier with his sword at the throat of a prisoner!

The Music

Already done:
13 composed tracks
11 demo recordings
1 track from the game’s OST
1 track from the trailer


Already done:
UI and the app flow design.


Our engine is ready! 
We’re testing the performance of the Beta version while the final content is being created.

So let's conquer!

3 things about light sabers you should know before playing Heavy Metal Thunder

Jordi Solà

This week you can find Heavy Metal Thunder series at Pocket Meta's 50 Best iOS and Android Games of 2015. So...

You must be prepared for battle. Here you have 3 things about light sabers you should know before playing Heavy Metal Thunder:

New recruits reviewing ancient copies of Star Wars were mostly confused about the armored soldiers getting killed while the guys in pajamas survived.

The Invaders experimented with lightsaber technology, but abandoned it in favor of a charged piece of metal that could leave a screaming corpse in its wake.

If a lightsaber is “an elegant weapon for a more civilized age”, then a black-armored jetpack space marine with a vibrating mace and a fully automatic assault rifle is truly “a brutal weapon for a heavy metal age”!



Jordi Solà

My name is Paul Gresty. I'm the lead writer for The Frankenstein Wars. I was watching our Kickstarter page very closely the morning the project finished. When that countdown counter clicked to zero and I saw that we'd hit our target - and we'd reached it literally seconds before - I was elated, and proud, and supremely thankful to our backers, and everybody who'd done so much as share a link to the project online.

That first feeling of elation lasted for about twenty-five minutes. Then came a looming anxiety, a sense of 'Wait - now we're actually going to do this.'

The taskmaster was like this guy, but about 10% more brutal.

The taskmaster was like this guy, but about 10% more brutal.

The Cubus guys and I had some further planning discussions, the first time we'd been able to do so with an exact budget for the project in mind. Jaume Carballo taught me to write code in a way that the Cubus parser would find agreeable. He was a harsh taskmaster.

The fact that we'd grazed past our minimum target for the project imposed some restrictions on us. Not so much from a technical standpoint - we'd always maintained a realistic view of what we could achieve. The greater pressure came from time limitations. Put simply, as we wouldn't be making any money on the game in the short term, it became difficult to make it top priority - we all had to work on the game while simultaneously pushing forward with other projects.

Time constraints notwithstanding, I began writing. The first section of the story takes place on the island of St Helena. The second occurs at the Clerval family home, a chateau a little ways south-east of Paris. I worked on both segments together, sending regular updates to the Cubus guys to check over.

It was around the 20,000-word mark that we realised that the text wasn't ticking the right boxes for us. As a standalone gamebook-style story, it was pretty good. The player takes the role of Anton or Thomas Clerval; the story moves forward as the player attains various objectives, overcoming obstacles and defeating enemies along the way.

But that was never our mission statement with this game. The Frankenstein Wars has always been intended as a more three-dimensional game. It is a story of the transition between fanatical devotion to a cause, and disillusionment with that cause. Of the closeness and the tension that exists between two brothers who are in love with the same woman. The reanimated lazarans of The Frankenstein Wars are neither mindless zombies nor indestructible revenants - rather, they are people who have died once, and been dragged back to life; they must continually question the purpose they find in this new existence when they have already tasted oblivion. Yes, it's a story about remarkable technologies, and how those technologies can be turned to the age-old business of warfare. But, above all, it's a story about the seismic impact of this technology on people - both living people, and the resurrected. And that wasn't coming through.

To my knowledge, these sorts of character-led themes have never really been attempted within the quite specific format of interactive fiction - and we're aiming for a particularly compact style of IF. So, we're exploring and learning as we go along. And that's slowing things down.

The bad news: it's going to take us longer than planned to get the game out to you, our backers. Sorry about that.

The good news: we're behind schedule on this game precisely because we're working hard to create something really innovative and absorbing. We have no intention of phoning in a mediocre IF app. We want The Frankenstein Wars to be something you'll remember.

For my part, I'm succeeding in extricating myself from other time-leeching obligations. I'll very shortly able to work on TFW full time (or very nearly full time). I think progress will come thick and fast thereafter.

And, a bonus: if we ever get around to making a special '20th anniversary edition' of this game, I have a ton of deleted material I'll be able to include as extras.

More news soon, Franken-fans.


"Heavy Metal Thunder" 1st Anniversary

Cubus Games

We’re celebrating the 1st anniversary of our sci-fi gamebook Heavy Metal Thunder, and wanted to share our happiness with you! We're running a contest. Vote which is your favorite epic moment amongst the selection done by the author himself. The winner will get a colorful art print by the great digital artist Marc Gonzalez at home! Use the hashtag #HMT_1stYear!

Read More


Jordi Solà

Hi there!

We have been quite busy last days planning all the development and production of THE FRANKENSTEIN WARS. We have scheduled every task in order to get this gamebook as soon as possible.

There’s a lot of work to do, so a long summer with long workdays awaits us. Dave sent us tons of documents from Frankenstein’s Legions, Paul is already structuring the story while here, in the Cubus headquarters, we’re accurately defining every detail that will be implemented into the Cubus Engine.

We’re really excited with this project! 

Thank you, folks!

The Game Mechanics - Story

Jordi Solà

The story

Talking about the story as a game mechanic doesn’t sound orthodox, surely. But think about it and you’ll find pretty interesting similarities between the progress of a videogame and the progress of a story, even in a videogame a hard obstacle is called “final stage boss” while in a story is called “turning point” they both suppose a gap that puts the character’s goal in risk.

In fact, writers and game designers are in very near positions. They both are always thinking about how keeping audience’s attention, about cliffhangers, about which elements will make the audience to be immersed and engaged to the game/story...

Ok, let’s move forward. We don’t want to spoiler The Frankenstein Wars plot, so we’re just talking here about some main issues:

- The French radicals, the Zeroistes, who supported Napoleon’s revolution before his defeat, have discovered Frankenstein’s technology. Their plan is to use it to build an army where casualties are a problem no more. Not just that, because they want to bring Napoleon himself back to life. But just one man can create the serum needed to revive the dead: Tom Clerval, who doesn’t believe in their cause.

- The main characters, the brothers Anton and Tom Clerval, begin the story in confronted positions. Tom’s will is against the Zeroiste’s while Anton is a young cavalry officer from this revolutionary movement. But their disagreements are more personal, deeper. Anton always envied his brother, because of his beautiful wife, because his relationship with their father... They will have the destiny of millions in their hands.

- Another important character in The Frankenstein Wars is Mr Legion, but we can’t say nothing about him right now (if you’re brave enough to pledge for a high tier, maybe we can talk.)

We will post more updates with information about the game mechanics and the team! Stay tuned ;)

The Game Mechanics - Main character/s

Jordi Solà

Game mechanics Update! The Frankenstein Wars: on game mechanics.

The most basic game element in a gamebook is that you decide what the main character does. But in The Frankenstein Wars there isn’t a single main character involved. We’re not saying that you’ll be able to choose between several characters to play, but that you will control two main characters at the same time: the brothers Tom and Anton Clerval.

They are the sons of Henry Clerval, Victor Frankenstein’s young friend in Mary Shelley’s original novel. In the alternate 19th century where The Frankenstein Wars sets, the two brothers belong to confronted factions: young Anton is a French cavalry officer who sympathizes the Zeroistes, the revolutionaries who want to use Frankenstein’s technology to revive the French Revolution. Tom, the older brother, is a doctor who opposites this cause, seeing the real thread this technology supposes. So the abstract is: two brothers, two factions, a threatening technology and a war that can bring Europe to its darkest and most dreadful times.


Controlling two characters at the same time means that we’re breaking that general gamebook rule which says “you play one character in one main arc.” Giving you two main arcs starring two confronted brothers, you get game x 2. Even they begin in opposite fronts, it’s up to you to decide their destiny. What’s at stake is more than only their destiny, of course...

3... 2... 1...“It’s alive!”

Jordi Solà

THE FRANKENSTEIN WARS Kickstarter campaign!

Exhausting workdays have passed, but several more are to come before the campaign is over and we can celebrate (hope so) that the project has been funded and The Frankenstein Wars enters in production stage. 

Behind this game there’s a really solid team yearning to turn the switch on, to work hard and to bring this adventure to life. Meet this team and discover this project checking out The Frankenstein Wars Kickstarter page. You can help us pledging this project and sharing it with your friends and followers. Thank you!

The rising of a new gamebook

Jordi Solà

Hi there!

More gamebooks are coming! We are happy to reveal some info about our next release.


Frankenstein's secrets raise an unstoppable army from the dead. Rival factions battle for supremacy. Interactive story of war & horror.

As post-revolution France tears itself apart, the heirs of Victor Frankenstein raise an unstoppable army of the resurrected dead in their struggle to seize control. Decide the fate of the world in this enhanced interactive adventure

This will be one of the main characters...

This will be one of the main characters...

Direct two brothers through a branching, non-linear storyline - and decide if they become allies, or enemies. Explore interactive maps to reach your objectives, but this time storylines and goals will be time-sensitive, a new way of designing gamebooks.


We are still at a very young stage of the project, but we have some points that we may disclose. 

- Storyline conceived by the godfather of gamebooks, Dave Morris.
- Written by experienced gamebook author, Paul Gresty.
- Original illustrations by Rafater.
- Released and developed by Cubus Games.

Stay tuned 

Apple Store Workshop by Cubus Games

Jordi Solà

Hi there!

Last April 23th we had a different World Book Day, we gave a workshop at Apple Store Passeig de Gràcia, in the heart of Barcelona.

Giving a talk at Apple Store was a privilege for us and a great opportunity to present and explain all the keys of our gamebooks.

At 19:00h we started the workshop with a great gaming atmosphere among the audience.

We also played our gamebooks The Sinister Fairground and Necklace of Skulls with the attendees, discussing the characteristics of each of them.

Afterwards, the audience enjoyed and took part of a mini-gamebook, taking decisions, facing challenges and winning battles against dragons.

The workshop ended with very interesting questions from the attendees. We hope our answers have been helpful for the audience, otherwise you can write us at

See you soon!